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Micropigmentation, sometimes called Dermopigmentation or Tricopigmentation, is a long-lasting, yet non-invasive, painless and absorbable cosmetic procedure.

We specialize in super-realistic micropigmentation to create permanent make-up, perfet scalp optic illusion, camouflage scars, recreate breast areolas and correct vitiligo. So many treatments that help you feel good and a little more yourself.

Our centers located in Namur and Marbella perform thousands of micropigmentation procedures each year.

Micropigmentation procedures performed by experts

Our practicioners perform all aesthetic and paramedical micropigmentation procedures with great precision and a super-realistic approach.

  • Want to wake up every morning ready to go?  Save time, no longer have to choose, no longer miss a liner, always look radiant?  We create refined and super-realistic permanent make-up.  A micropigmentation that takes into account your features, your skin and your requests.

The benefits of micropigmentation

Micropigmentation is a non-invasive, reversible treatment with immediate results.  It responds in a healthy and judicious way to many needs, whether cosmetic or paramedical.

No medication or surgery is needed, the results are instantaneous and do you good for a long time.

There are no side effects associated with skin micropigmentation and skin reactions to permanent make-up are extremely rare.  Despite the thousands of procedures done each year at our centers, we have never observed any, because in case of doubt, we offer a test patch on a small area of skin.

A relationship of trust

Our team has a unique and internationally recognized know-how.  Our dermopigmentists are trained in our own protocols in detail.

We are extremely demanding and want to offer you the best: time to listen, personalized advice, top-notch care, the safest products, and progressive care protocols.

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