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Are there any contraindications for performing a hair tricopigmentation?

Are you suffering from alopecia?  Would you like to hide your hair loss and wondering about the possible contraindications of doing a tricopigmentation? Dermopigmentation Center tells you everything you need to know about the scalp micropigmentation procedure done in Marbella, Spain and Namur, Belgium.

How does hair tricopigmentation work?

Dermopigmentation Center explains everything you need to know about contraindications to tricopigmentationHair tricopigmentation is a paramedical method of injecting pigments into the scalp.  The objective is to overcome an aesthetic complex for a person suffering from alopecia. This is done by performing micropigmentation which gives the illusion of a clean shaven head or denser hair depending on the solution chosen.

Concretely, the very first step consists of explaining the expected result of this procedure to the practitioner. They can then do a scalp analysis to determine which technique will offer the best results. A quality dermopigmentist must be able to advise you on the concepts of facial treatment, on the type of procedure, as well as, on the choice of pigment colors according to your hair color.

Once you have all the required information about tricopigmentation and a choice has been made for the procedure, the hair dermopigmentation work can begin.  The practitioner injects the pigments into the scalp with precision and care with the goal of creating a hyper-realistic and natural result.

The number of sessions necessary depends on the indication, the result to be achieved and the reaction of your skin to the pigments.

Tricopigmentation: what are the contraindications to take into account?

There are no clear contraindications for a person wishing to benefit from a hair micropigmentation procedure. However, special attention needs to be paid to what the client expects and what the practitioner can achieve. It is, therefore, important to take this information into consideration:

  • Restoring substance to hair losing mass: Some suffering from hair loss use keratin powder to have more substance. They may wrongly think that hair micropigmentation can provide the same result. However, this technique aims to inject pigments into the scalp to benefit from an aesthetic visual result without adding material.
  • Having a healthy scalp: To be able to do a hair micropigmentation procedure, it is essential that the scalp is healthy and properly hydrated. This is important information, especially for someone who has gotten into the habit of wearing a wig or volumizer.
  • Densifying existing hair: Losing hair mass which leaves the scalp visible but which still has hair on the entire scalp can be treated using hair micropigmentation. The objective will then be to densify this hair using an optical illusion created by the injection of pigments.
  • Working in the scalp area: A good practitioner must take into account the rules of facial makeup to inject pigments according to the natural design of the hairlines. It is advisable not to go beyond this zone at the risk of having an unrealistic result.

Hair micropigmentation does not involve any dangers or disadvantages, but involves realizing that a practitioner is there to share their expertise with you in complete objectivity. Thus, they always strive to find the right balance between your request and what is concretely possible after doing an in-depth analysis of your scalp.

Would you like to know more about the precautions related to hair tricopigmentation in Spain and Belgium?

The Dermopigmentation Center team answers all your questions about hair micropigmentation in the event of hair loss. To ask questions or make an appointment, contact us by phone or via our online form.

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