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Paramedical dermo pigmentation

The advancement of paramedical dermo pigmentation techniques has changed the lives of those who have undergone surgeries, universal alopecia and chemotherapy.

MedicoDerm, present in Belgium and Spain, specializes in super-realistic micropigmentation, to simulate breast areolas in 3-demensions, camouflage scars and fade vitiligo.

Paramedical micropigmentation procedures performed by MedicoDerm

MedicoDerm is a paramedical micropigmentation and permanent make-up institute known throughout Europe.  All of our acts are done with great precision and a super-realistic approach. We intervene on a daily basis in cooperation with Belgian doctors and hospitals.

Towards a new life thanks to paramedical micropigmentation

Reconstructive micropigmentation is the ultimate act after certain surgical treatments, to find yourself as before: to erase a scar or rebuild a part of yourself, to cover vitiligo, to camouflage scars from a facelift, stretch marks, scars from breast augmentation, to reproduce with a three-dimensional effect the breast areola of post-mastectomy patients.

This is a non-invasive treatment performed with sterile single-use equipment.  It allows to visually correct a defect resulting from an operation or an illness.

Even if it is not yet reimbursed by social security in the same way as reconstructive surgery (we are working on it), it is lifesaving for many patients.  It is also often used to improve the plastic surgeon’s final results.

We are proud to make you believe in yourself

Whether you have had plastic surgery or suffered from an illness or accident, skin pigmentation will do wonders for your physical appearance.

There will certainly remain emotional scars, but feedback from our clients lead us to believe that they are easier to overcome after our intervention.  We proudly watch many patients cry with joy as they rediscover themselves, unscarred, unblemished, and looking at themselves more confidently.

These emotions touch us and encourage us to surpass ourselves.

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