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Permanent make-up

Want to wake up every morning ready to go?  Save time, no longer have to choose, no longer miss a liner, always look radiant?  We create refined and super-realistic permanent make-up.  A micropigmentation that takes into account your features, your skin type and your requests.

Our two dermopigmentation centers in Belgium and in Marbella conduct several thousand operations each year.

Permanent make-up acts performed by our experts

Our permanent make-up and micropigmentation centers are known throughout Europe. Our interventions are done with great precision and a super-realistic approach.

Embellish what it takes to make it perfect

Eyes, mouth, eyebrows and why not some freckles?  You will be beautiful as you wish thanks to our progressive practice of permanent make-up.

We offer a person-centred approach, we take your personality into account, we start by looking at you and listening to you, by studying your face and understanding what will make you feel good.

Permanent make-up is made to be worn every day and must be done with refinement and super-realism.  It is also for this reason that we prefer the progressive approach, step by step, until the ideal result is achieved.

The benefits of permanent make-up

Permanent make-up does not meet a single need, nor a single category of women.  In our opinion, it makes it possible to assert an identity, to feel better about yourself and to gain in comfort on a daily basis.  But to be more down-to-earth, here are our top 4 benefits of cosmetic skin pigmentation:

  • You get up in the morning, it’s beautiful, it’s precise, it’s symmetrical
  • Don’t like to wear make-up?  You won’t have to
  • Your make-up no longer runs.  That’s one less excuse to avoid sports and the pool
  • If you suffer from make-up allergy, this is the best plan B

Your permanent make-up in 4 steps

This progressive approach guarantees you an effect that will correspond perfectly to your desires and your morphology.


A first consultation allows us to discuss your desires and do a morphological study to complete or improve your project.  You ask us all your questions and we advise you.  We show you pigments, shapes and techniques that can each nuance your permanent make-up result.


On the day of the dermo pigmentation, we start by making a preparatory drawing on your face which will allow you to preview the result.


The results of this first intervention will be final after 30 days, the time for your skin to be completely renewed.

Touch Up

It may happen that you want to go further, densify a colour or emphasize an expression.  We then resume an appointment for a second dermo pigmentation, so that you are completely satisfied. This second intervention is completely optional and depends on your feelings.

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