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Correction of scars and stretch marks

A scarred body and face can affect self-confidence and social relationships. Micropigmentation camouflages them almost imperceptibly with pigments mimicking the different skin shades.

MedicoDerm, corrects the scars of hundreds of patients each year in Belgium and Spain.

Correction of scars and stretch marks by micropigmentation

  • Natural look
  • Lasts 2 years before a touch-up
  • Quality bioabsorbable pigments
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The correction of scars and stretch marks in pictures

Discover ours car and stretch mark correction procedures in the photos below :

A result so natural no one will guess you have scars

Micropigmentation is very effective in concealing most scars, resulting from burns, accidents or resulting from surgical procedures.  Stretch marks – which are just another type of scar- are also good candidates for skin pigmentation.


Only stable scars can be corrected.  If they are red or evolving, you still have to wait before having a treatment.

There is a wide variety of scars and scar tissue.  For example, we can intervene on hypertrophic scars, but never on keloid scars.  To make sure that an intervention by micropigmentation is possible, it is best to send us some good quality photos.

Scar colour

Some cars are hypochromatic (lighter), others are hyperchromatic (darker).  The micropigmentation will not be the same depending on the case.

We get the best results when the scar is lighter than the surrounding skin.  Darker scars should be treated with great caution and sometimes we prefer to perform several pigment tests to make sure they don’t darken the skin further.

Stretch marks

Most adults have stretch marks. They can appear following pregnancy, weight loss or gain, or following a growth spurt.

You have it, but you don’t have to live with it. If they prevent you from feeling comfortable in a bathing suit and limit your leisure time, paramedic micropigmentation can make them invisible.

The treatment works wonders on stretch marks that are lighter than the skin.  If they are wrinkled, hollowed, or red, on the other hand, we will be extra careful.

If the stretch marks are red, they are still fresh.  If they are pleated, they will remain so despite the pigments.  And when they’re hollowed out, their own shadow might make them look darker and pigment wouldn’t help.

How does the scars micropigmentation work?

Scars and stretch marks are tissues that have undergone structural deformation.  To guarantee you an optimal result and respect your skin, we recommend a gradual treatment.

First consultation

A first consultation allows your dermopigmentist to discover the scars and offer you the most suitable treatment.

Dermopigmentation sessions

In scar tissue, there is a structural skin deformation. Each case is specific and we cannot predict that one pigmentation session will be enough.  It may take two, maximum three.  It depends from skin to skin and from treatment to treatment.

Each session is spaced one month apart.  This is the time it takes for the skin to fully heal and for us to assess the results.

Experienced dermopigmentists

We train the best dermopigmentists. They all have in-depth knowledge of the different types of scars and have mastered the most advanced micropigmentation techniques.

After care treatments

After care plays an important role in the treatment’s success.  It is important to follow these guidelines to get the best results.

The after care instructions after micropigmentation for scars and stretch marks are:

  • No swimming pool, hammam or sauna for 1 week
  • No sun or solarium on the pigmented area for 1 week
  • Do not tear small desquamations (peeled skin)
  • Apply a healing cream three times a day for 1 week

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