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Scar camouflage

Caused by surgery or an accident, a scar on the scalp can be visible, even unsightly and lead to a lack of self-confidence.

MedicoDerm is a center specializing in scar camouflage using the micropigmentation technique or injection of micropigments.

Camouflage a scar on the scalp
with micropigmentation

  • Standardization of the scalp by optical illusion
  • Superior quality bioabsorbable pigments
  • Immediate and lasting results
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Scalp scar camouflage in pictures

Discover an overview in pictures of our interventions to camouflage scars on a scalp.

Camouflage a scar present on the scalp

The appearance of scars on the scalp can be caused by various factors such as surgery, a hair transplantation or an accident.

Generally visible and unsightly, these marks can however be camouflaged using the scalp micropigmentation technique.  The latter consists of injecting micropigments so as to create an optical illusion masking the scar.

Thanks to this process, you can regain self-confidence and show off your scalp without complex.

Scalp micropigmentation for scalp scar camouflage: How does it work?

The MedicoDerm center practices scalp micropigmentation to camouflage scars present on the scalp in a natural way.  Strick and rigorous protocols are observed to do this technique in the rules of the art in complete safety.

As part of this hair micropigmentation procedure several consultations are required.

First consultation

The first appointment with one of our specialists is intended to discuss the patient’s expectations, analyse the scar to be camouflaged on the scalp and provide all the information required.

Following this first consultation, the patient can decide to continue the process by having all the necessary practical and financial information. 

Scalp micropigmentation session

During the scalp micropigmentation session, micropigments are injected at the level of the scar so as to conceal it to provide a natural effect.  The pigments are obviously chosen taking into account certain characteristics such as the patient’s skin tone and hair colour.

The result is effective and immediate without causing any redness or traces.


Although durable for several years, a touch-up session may be required to maximize the long-term result.

Advantages of scar camouflage on the scalp by micropigmentation

Performed by MedicoDerm experts, scalp micropigmentation to conceal a scar on the scalp offers many advantages:

  • Premium quality, certified and non-hazardous bioabsorbable pigments
  • Compliance with the strictest health and safety standards
  • Immediate, visible and lasting results
  • Non-invasive, non-surgical and reversible method

The MedicoDerm team is made up of trained and experienced dermopigmentists who have a perfect command of micropigmentation techniques.

After care

To guarantee the success of the hair micropigmentation treatment, it is essential to give the utmost importance to after care.  To do this, be sure to follow these guidelines :

  • Avoid the swimming pool, hammam and sauna for a week
  • Do not expose the pigmented area to the sun or solarium for a week
  • Do not tear off peeling skins in this area
  • Apply a healing cream three times a day for a week
  • Remember to put on a broad-spectrum total protection screen to maximise the hold of the pigments

  Want to know more about hair micropigmentation for scalp scar camouflage in Belgium?

Renowned throughout Europe, MedicoDerm is an expert center in scalp micropigmentation techniques for scar camouflage on the scalp.  For any questions, our team is at your entire disposal.  Contact us by phone or through our online form.

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