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Permanent eye make-up

If you also hate leaving the house without mascara and are tired of eyeliner that runs, smudges and doesn’t last all day, permanent make-up could be a good option.

Our dermo pigmentation techniques bring out the colour of your eyes, energize your look and enlarge your eyes with refinement and super-realism.

Permanent eye make-up

  • Face morphological analysis
  • Lasts 2 to 3 years before a touch-up
  • Quality bioabsorbable pigments
  • Accentuation of your character traits
  • Unlimited make-up possibilities
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The eyes are a source of character

They are the window to the soul.  Underneath this poetic expression, there is a truth: your eyes tell you more about you than any other element of your face.  They affirm your character.

This is why we take care of it every morning, to give us a more dynamic and sunny look or to work on a more penetrating and charming gaze

Permanent make-up liners with millimetre precision on these little details that enhance your look support the colour of your irises and illuminate your face.

The different effects of permanent eye make-up

We can either work the lower part of the eye, or the intercilia, or what is called the mobile eyelid (upper part), in part or in whole.

The interlash

The interlash is a fine line that gives more density between the eyelashes, offering a very soft, very natural and little marked result.  It is generally the choice of people who do not wish to be heavily made up, but also of blondes or redheads who have light eyelashes.

The liner

The liner is similar to the interlash, but a little thicker, for a more made-up effect, a little more sophisticated.

The powder

The eye shadow effect lifts and energizes the look while providing softness.  This is a very popular technique that also offers many advantages.

The lower liner

Several effects are possible to make up this part under the eye which is called water line in fashion and “muqueuse” in French.

Permanent eye make-up in pictures

Discover our before and after achievements in the photos below :

What result can you expect from permanent eye make-up?

Today’s permanent make-up by dermo pigmentation, as practiced by the MedicoDerm Centers, is refined and super-realistic.  It has nothing to do with the tattoo of yesteryear. Everything has evolved, from needles to techniques and pigments.

The difference between an eye treated with dermo pigmentation and an untreated eye is stunning.  Discreetly and with finesse, the eyes open , the gaze becomes more precise, the face lights up.

This is all the more true as we take the time for the morphological analysis, to help you make choices in accordance with your face and the colour of your eyes.

This make-up can last 2 to 3 years before gradually fading.  This will be the time to make a touch-up that will follow the evolution of your face

How is a permanent eye make-up done?

We have established a progressive protocol to ensure that you have your eyes made up as you like them.

The design

The first consultation with your MedicoDerm dermopigmentist is used to define the type of make-up, the effect and the style you want to obtain.

After listening to your wishes and after observing your face, we offer you several choices, so that you can refine and optimise the make-up before the start of the micropigmentation.

Our specialty is super-realism.  Most of our clients choose MedicoDerm because they want a natural look.  However, to create precisely the look you want, we do ultra-custom work.

The colour

The choice of colours will mainly depend on that of your eyes.  Your dermopigmentist will help you select the ones that suit you best.

We only work with the highest quality, bioabsorbable and hypoallergenic pigments.

A step-by-step approach

We systematically offer two sessions of dermo pigmentation to give you the opportunity to be sure to like the colour and the shape.

The first session is deliberately light in the application of pigments.  These take two to four weeks to reveal their final colour under your skin.

The second session, which has the function of adding pigments, therefore, takes place after 4 weeks.  These two steps guarantee your total satisfaction with the result.

Touch-up session

Your eyes are still lightly made-up after the first session, but they already allow you to see the final result.

As there is still time to change your mind about a shade or colour or the thickness of a line, we make these few adjustments and finalize your make-up, as you really want it.

Experienced operators

The MedicoDerm dermopigmentists have all followed our internal training program, which is the most renowned in Belgium

They are experts who master both facial morphology and permanent make-up techniques.

After care treatments

After application, permanent make-up still requires some attention on your part to be successful.

Here are the after care instructions related to permanent eye make-up:

  • No swimming pool, hammam or sauna for 1 week
  • No sun or solarium on the pigmented area for 1 week
  • No make-up on the pigmented area for 1 week
  • Apply a cold pack for a few days following the treatment
  • Use a pillow to avoid sleeping completely flat the first night

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