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Permanent mouth make-up

Our dermo pigmentation techniques reinforce everything your mouth brings to your face: clarity, definition, and freshness. Either way, we create the illusion with refinement and super-realism.

Permanent mouth make-up

  • Morphological analysis of your face
  • Lasts 2 to 3 years before a touch-up
  • Quality bioabsorbable pigments
  • Volume boost
  • Hide scars from herpes and cold sores
  • Super-realistic printing
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The permanent mouth make-up in pictures

Discover our before and after achievements in the photos below :

Smile and kiss, favourite verbs for the mouth

Lips play an important role in our physical and emotional life. They inspire youth, draw your smile, and invite to be kissed.

With our dermo pigmentation techniques, we create youthful and symmetrical lips, plump and free of any scars.

The demand that comes with permanent mouth make-up is usually to look younger. And it works. The mouth brings freshness to the face.

The different effects of permanent mouth make-up

Ultra natural or more sophisticated look: the possibilities of permanent mouth make-up are as numerous (but more precise) than with pencils and lipsticks.


This technique consists of pigmenting the contour of the lips with slightly darker colours, which lighten towards the center.

This use of shadows and light creates an illusion of volume of a fuller mouth

Complete filling

The “full lips” technique consists of applying a uniform colour to all of the lips to replace your lipstick or to correct an asymmetry.

The effect can be super-natural if we use a pigment close to the colour of your lips.  Otherwise fresher, with a subtly coloured effect, if you choose a slightly coral or light pink colour.  Or even more and more sophisticated, as we darken the colour.

What result can you expect from permanent lip make-up?

Permanent make-up does not always imply a flashy result.  The precision of our interventions produces very soft gradients and extremely subtle effects.

With age, the definition and symmetry of our lips evolve.  They become paler and thinner.  Permanent make-up initially allows you to find a fuller and more defined mouth.

For a more make-up result, we reproduce all the effects of your pencils and lipsticks with as many colour choices, from the softest and most natural to the most intense and deep.

Permanent make-up, therefore, offers a multitude of advantages, including:

  • Asymmetry correction
  • A considerable time saver in the morning in the bathroom
  • Daily comfort with exemplary make-up hold
  • The possibility of customization as desired to obtain the volume, definition or colour of your choice
  • Scars camouflage caused by herpes or a cleft lip for example
  • The ability to lighten a dark, greyish or purplish mouth

This make-up can last 2 to 3 years before gradually fading.  This will be the time to make a touch-up that will follow the evolution of your face.

How does a permanent mouth make-up take place?

As part of a pigmentation, we make sure to follow a series of steps to ensure you get a result that meets your expectations as closely as possible.

The first consultation

During the first consultation, we analyse your morphology as well as your skin colour and listen to your desires and preferences

This meeting has three objectives:

  • Inform you specificities of permanent make-up for the mouth (the pigment behaviour, prior precautions, etc.)
  • Define the type of make-up, the effect and colour that will be applied
  • Ensure some medical prerequisites. For example, if you are a carrier of the herpes virus, you will need to see a doctor to take a prior treatment

This makes it possible to establish and define the project together, and to operate a projection using an erasable pencil so that you can observe the shape and the colour.  After validation, we can proceed with the pigmentation on the basis of this project which serves a guideline.

The colour

Whether it’s a degraded or full-lips treatment, all the colours exist, from the most natural to most intense. It is also possible to design a custom shade by mixing the pigments. Of course, if you have a favourite lipstick, you can bring it to analyse if this colour is the one that suits you best.

Be aware, however, that the pigments being placed under the skin, they will always give a more natural effect than a classic make-up. The colour will be slightly softened, like under tracing paper.

Your dermopigmentist will help you select the ones that suits you best.  We only work with the highest quality, bioresorbable and hypoallergenic pigments.

However, remember that you will be wearing your permanent make-up 24 hours a day.  So be sure to choose an ideal shade in all circumstances, whether you are dressed casually or dressed.

A step-by-step approach

Before proceeding with dermo pigmentation, you are asked to follow a few recommendations for 15 days before the procedure:

  • Moisturize your mouth daily with shea butter or coconut oil
  • Drink 1.5 litres of water a day

A person with herpes must notify the institute at least one week before the procedure to put in place the necessary precautionary measures.

The first dermo pigmentation session is deliberately light to allow you to become aware of the final result and validate the shape and colours.  This treatment is non-invasive and painless.

Immediately after the procedure, swelling of the mucous membrane may occur and last for a few hours. If so, you can apply a cold pack to decongest that area as quickly as possible.

The colour is generally more intense the first few days.  The pigments take up to four weeks to reveal their final colour, after a complete renewal of your epidermis.

Note that hygiene rules are essential to us.  Thus, the needles are for single use and the bioresorbable pigments are “Reach” certified.

Touch-up session

Our goal is to work gradually since each skin is unique.  We favour a natural result during the first session with the possibility of retouching.

A second session can, therefore, take place after 4 weeks.  Your dermopigmentist will continue their work and densify the pigmentation taking into account your first feelings.

Experienced operators

All MedicoDerm dermopigmentists have been trained following our internal training program.  This is the best guarantee you can get as our training is reputed to be the most complete in Belgium.

They are experts who master both facial morphology and permanent make-up techniques.

After care treatments

Like any other permanent make-up, that of the mouth involves some precautions on your part to produce an optimal result.

Here are the after care instructions related to permanent mouth make-up:

  • No swimming pool, hammam or sauna for 1 week
  • No sun or solarium on the pigmented area for 1 week
  • No make-up on the pigmented area for 1 week
  • Apply a healing cream (which we provide) for 1 week
  • Do not tear small desquamations (peeled skin)

Do you have questions about permanent mouth make-up?

The MedicoDerm team is at your disposal to inform you about permanent mouth make-up. Contact us by phone or via the online form.

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