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Pixel, the permanent make-up technique for natural eyebrows

You are interested in permanent make-up, but you like the natural effect. The latest developments in dermo pigmentation make it possible to combine the two.  The pixel technique is a specific method of applying pigments, which recreates a soft and natural eyebrow permanent make-up. As this is a practice that we know well at MedicoDerm, we would like to explain to you how it works.

Pixel or microblading: what are the differences?

La technique pixel en maquillage permanent

When it comes to permanent and semi-permanent make-up, everyone has heard of microblading, the technique used to create the illusion of fuller, more beautiful eyebrows.

The pixel effect, on the other hand, is much less known, because it is more recent and practiced by a smaller number of dermo pigmentation institutes. This procedure has however a growing success for the quality of the results and its better tolerance by oily skin or with dilated pores.

The biggest difference between the two permanent eyebrow make-up techniques is how the pigment is inserted into the skin.  The pixel effect is obtained by make more or less randomly spaced microdots, unlike microblading which redraws the eyebrow hair by hair.

In either case, the pigments are bioabsorbable and the duration over time is similar.

Why choose the pixel effect?

The pixel technique is extremely trendy, because it offers a shaded and three-dimensional rendering.  It adds an effect of precision, density and sharpness.

In general, the pixel effect is recommended for people with less thick eyebrows. This technique can also be used to make colour corrections to camouflage old permanent make-up and is suitable for all skin types.

Less pigment, more effect

Permanent make-up in the pixel version, creates a powdery effect.  The ink coverage is lighter, allowing the skin to be better seen through the colour.  The result is a powdery shadow, soft and natural effect.

Any advice on the best permanent make-up technique for your eyebrows

The pixel effect, the furry effect, or a mixture of both? Whatever your aesthetic preference, we advise you on the most appropriate technique. Do not hesitate to ask us all your questions before a first meeting. We will answer by email, phone and to all requests sent via our form.

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