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Scalp dermo pigmentation: from bald head to clean shaven head

The shaved head effect is one of the main applications of hair dermo pigmentation. MedicoDerm, dermo-aesthetic care institute in Belgium and Spain, explains how an intervention takes place and what effects you can expect.

Everyone (men and women) who suffer from an advanced form of baldness can once again find a structured and radiant face thanks to scalp dermo pigmentation.  This permanent make-up technique adapted to the scalp allows super-realistic results, even up close. The shaved head effect is one of the MedicoDerm Institute.

Do you need hair micropigmentation?

If you suffer from baldness or any other form of alopecia, that this state makes you uncomfortable, that you don’t like your hair, but do not want surgery, dermo pigmentation is the only good solution.

Several cases are possible, from the densification of sparse hair to the camouflage of scars, through the shaved head effect.  The latter makes it possible to recreate a real appearance of hair on a bald or heavily bad head.

Why the shaved head effect feels good?

Dermopigmentation capillaire : avant - après

Hair loss can be a difficult experience for most.  The appearance of the first sparce spaces is often accompanied by a decrease in self-esteem, a lack of attractiveness, and a general feeling of aging. Fortunately, dermo pigmentation corrects all these bad feelings.

The shaved look is universally recognized and accepted. It is suitable for everyone, regardless of background, age or profession. Doctor, lawyer, construction worker, police officer, educator, sportsman and celebrity: it doesn’t matter, the clean and modern style of the clean-shaved head is comfortable everywhere.

But above all, it draws and structures the face. When you are bald, an important element is missing that you only realize when it reappears after a dermo pigmentation procedure: the forehead line. By itself, it imposes the features and gives character to the face.


How is a dermo pigmentation session for a shaved head effect?

Scalp dermo pigmentation is a technique that has been around for twenty years.  Devices, methods and procedures are now at their highest level.

The illusion of real hair follicles is perfect.  Their distribution is random and natural, sometimes longer, sometimes shorter, darker or lighter.  The final touch is a light shading that reinforces the illusion of 3-dimensional hair.

  • Drawing the frontal line: a line of white pencil drawn by a make-up artist makes it possible to agree on the final look
  • Dermo pigmentationsession: the result is immediate.  As soon as the session is over, you can go out and show yourself.  Nothing (except your new hair) will suggest that you have just had skin pigmentation  

Shaved head effect or a hair transplant?

Compared to a hair transplant, the coverage is much more complete. A graft never exceeds 5,000 to 10,000 implants.

Derma pigmentation, on the other hand, recreates up to 100,000 hairs. It is also for this reason that transplant recipients often have recourse to scalp dermo pigmentation to perfect the results and hid the scars.

Need more information on the shaved effect?

We are always happy to answer your questions.  Whatever the means by which you ask us, we will get back to you: telephone, online form, or email.

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