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Shaved head effect

The shaved head effect not only makes baldness disappear, but also restructures facial features.

MedicoDerm is the team with the most experience in the field in Europe, which practices scalp micropigmentation the most and also teaches this activity to hundreds of practitioners around the world.

Shaved head effect by scalp micropigmentation

  • Hyperrealistic aspect
  • Lasts 2 to 3 years before a touch-up
  • Quality bioabsorbable pigments
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A shaved head that’s an illusion

The purpose of the shaved head effect is to reproduce a natural, refined and degraded implantation.  To achieve this result, we use progressive filling techniques, in the form of dots, lines and empty spaces.

We apply up to 100,000 points to create the perfect illusion of a clean shaven head.  This illusion is confusing even up close.

A technical and personalized intervention

In all cases, this is a personalized support.  Everyone has a different face shape and features, different hairline, length, intensity and colour.  We adapt the trico pigmentation to all these parameters to be a super-realistic and as natural as possible, so as not to attract attention.

Restore proportions to the face

The interest of the shaved effect is to also to restore proportion in the face thanks in particular to the creation of a frontal line.  According to people, this front line will be a little higher, a little more dynamic, wider, etc.

So many parameters that we take into account in the visagism rules.  The proposal of a frontal line will be one of the first aesthetic elements that we will talk about in the consultation.  With an erasable pencil line, you can get a first glimpse of this change.

The shaved head effect by micropigmentation in pictures

Discover our shaved head effect achievements in the photos below:

How does scalp micropigmentation for a shaved head effect take place?

The ultra realistic effect is not obtained in a single visit.  We always invite you to a first consultation before starting the trico pigmentation, which can be done in 2 to 3 sessions depending on the case.  From the first session, however, you go home with a new face and a convincing result.

First consultation 

During the first consultation, the patient meets the practitioner and asks all their questions.  At the end of the interview, they thus have the necessary information to be able to make a later decision with complete objectivity.  On the one hand, we present the various practical and financial aspects.  On the other hand, we take care to determine the ideal indication according to expectations, the patient’s age, skin type, etc.

The first dermo pigmentation session

Two to three sessions will be necessary depending on the case, but from the first session, we guarantee you a visible result.  And above all, no one will notice that the procedure is in progress.  Your skull will already be completely covered with 60% efficiency.

Some media or political celebrities go on television a few hours after a micropigmentation session without anyone realizing it.

The other sessions can take place on a weekly basis (or be more spaced out depending on your schedule).


The pigments can last 2-3 years without retouching, after which the scalp takes over and the baldness slowly reappears.

The majority of clients like to come back every 18 months for a touch-up session that last about 3 hours without it being necessary.  Once you’ve tasted micropigmentation, you can’t live without it.

Experienced dermopigmentists

The MedicoDerm centers in Erpent and Marbella have the best dermopigmentist.  They are trained by us and all have in-depth knowledge of visagism and master the most advanced micropigmentation techniques.

After care treatments

After care plays an important role in the success of the treatment.  It is important to follow these guidelines to get the best results.

  The after care instructions after hair micropigmentation are:

  • No swimming pool, hammam or sauna for 1 week
  • No sun or solarium on the pigmented area for 1 week
  • Do not tear small desquamations (peeled skin)
  • Apply a healing cream three times a day for 1 week
  • Cover the skull daily with a broad-spectrum total protection sunscreen for longer pigment wear

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