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How can hair micropigmentation complement other methods to camouflage hair loss?

Hiding hair loss is a major concern for many people who have tried various techniques without achieving the expected success. Dermopigmentation Center discusses the complementary methods in capillary micropimentation practiced in the centers located in Marbella, Spain and Erpent, Belgium.

What are the methods to either limit or camouflage hair loss ?

Several methods exist to limit or camouflage hair loss.No matter how old you are or how sudden or gradual your hair loss is, there are always solutions to consider to treat or hide this hair loss. Here are the methods available on the market, ranked from least to most invasive :

  • Taking food supplements and applying castor oil : This is a non-invasive and reversible method.
  • Apply keratin powder : Applying keratin powder to the balding areas of the scalp provides more material. However, this technique is very restrictive, especially in the rain or when practicing a sport.
  • Drug treatments : Taking dedicated drugs pauses the hair loss mechanism, which, however, resumes as soon as the drug treatment is stopped. This therefore, implies the constraint of taking these tablets for life and a certain budget to be set aside.
  • Wearing a volumizer : Adopting a hair prosthesis theoretically offers a fairly aesthetic result. However, in practice, this causes a lot of constraints. A volumizer requires a lot of maintenance, requires hair care, requires adjustments or even a repair kit to constantly have on you, but also and above all, causes a loss of identity.
  • PRP injections : This treatment involves injecting plasma into the hair to stimulate hair growth.
  • Hair transplant : This frequently performed surgical procedure is undoubtedly the most invasive and irreversible method. Since the number of grafts is limited, opting for micropigmentation after this hair transplant optimizes the aesthetic result by standardizing the appearance on the scalp.

Hair tricopigmentation to complement other techniques

Hair tricopigmentation is a procedure in which a trained and experienced practitioner performs the hair pigmentation. The objective is to create an illusion reproducing the appearance of hair fibers, whether to give the impression of denser hair or to create a shaved head effect, or to even hide any scars.

One of the best advantages of hair micropigmentation is that it is a non-invasive and non-binding method, offering natural and hyper-realistic results. As a result, it can perfectly complement the various methods mentioned above, whether you have tried them in the past or are currently undergoing a treatment.

It is for example possible to :

  • Complete a transplant with scalp tricopigmentation to gain density
  • Optimize the aesthetic look of the hair still present on your scalp if you have opted for a drug treatment
  • Allow to benefit from a nice aesthetic result to gain self-confidence to get rid of a dependency on a hair prosthesis
  • Etc.

Would you like more information on ways to mask hair loss in the Malaga province ?

Based in Erpent, Belgium and Marbella, Spain, the Dermopigmentation Center open their doors to advise you and perform hair micropigmentation. For any request, contact us by phone or through the online form.

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