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How do you choose your paramedical dermopigmentation specialist?

Hiding a scar caused by illness, surgery or an accident can be done using dermopigmentation.  However, choosing the right specialist is essential to benefit from a safe procedure with a super-realistic result.  With centers in Marbella in Spain and Erpent in Belgium, Dermopigmentation Center gives some advice on how to choose a specialist in paramedical dermopigmentation in the Malaga province.

Paramedical dermopigmentation is a method that requires rigor and precision

Find out how to choose a paramedical dermopigmentation practitioner

Thanks to the introduction of pigments between the dermis and the epidermis, paramedical dermopigmentation makes it possible to create breathtaking optical illusions to camouflage visible scars left by illness, surgery or an accident.

Professionally performed with super-realistic and precise approach, a paramedical micropigmentation procedure, therefore, makes it possible to:

The procedure’s objective is to meet the patients’ needs and expectations, but also to bring them a visible improvement allowing them to move forward and regain confidence.

Who can perform dermopigmentation?

To date, access to the dermopigmentation profession specialist is not sufficiently regulated.  However, for a procedure to be perfectly successful, it is essential to train with a renowned restorative dermopigmentation center to acquire long experience by practicing it on a daily basis.

As a general rule, few specialists start out in this discipline.  Conversely, it is most of the time experienced professionals with many hours of practice in micropigmentation under their belt who turn to the medical and paramedical sector.

Tips for choosing a specialist in medical or paramedical dermopigmentation

Dermopigmentation Center advises you to choose your practitioner

To choose a specialist in paramedical or medical dermopigmentation, here are the points to pay attention to:

  • Experience: As part of the practice of this type of dermopigmentation, consider opting for an expert with long experience in the field
  • Training: To be able to preform dermopigmentation procedures professionally, it is crucial to train upstream, but also continuously to always be in step with advances in the use of equipment and pigments
  • Equipment and pigments: A golden rule for a specialist is to use certified bioresorbable pigments and superior quality equipment that meets the strictest health standards
  • Techniques: Choose a specialist who offers a range of techniques, rather than a single method, who is attentive to your request and who is able to analyze your physical characteristics to offer you an optimal solution. This way, you are guaranteed to benefit from a personalized approach according to your needs and expectations, which is flexible.

Results: Finally, an experienced professional must be able to show the procedures done with an overview in images of the before and after

Do you have any questions about the restorative dermopigmentation practice in Marbella, Andalusia? 

Taking advantage of the reputation and expertise of the center located in Erpent in Belgium, Dermopigmentation Center welcomes you to Marbella in the Malaga province in Andalusia.  We practice various cosmetic and paramedical skin pigmentation procedures. For any requests, please contact us by phone or through the online form.

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