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Permanent makeup by dermopigmentation: where can it be applied?

Several areas of the face can benefit from a permanent makeup procedure using dermopigmentation. With centers in Marbella in Spain and Erpent in Belgium, Dermopigmentation Center reveal the application areas for this technique.

Why opt for a permanent makeup procedure using dermopigmentation?

The application areas of permanent make-up.Permanent makeup using dermopigmentation is a method that consists of injecting pigments into certain areas of the face to have a touch of makeup at all times.

To benefit from a result that is as refined and super-realistic as it is perfectly adapted to your face, choosing an experienced specialist who offers several techniques is essential. You must also have the guarantee that this specialist masters the specificities of each part of the face and is able to give you advice on the method capable of adapting to your morphology and meeting your expectations.

A permanent makeup procedure professionally performed is always done in several stages. The first consultation aims to listen to your desires and to do a morphological study to define the project. Then, it is a question of making a projection to have an idea of the result that the procedure would give. Finally, the next step is to proceed with the dermopigmentation procedure as such, and any subsequent touch-ups to densify the color or to accentuate an element.

Permanent makeup and its areas of application

Permanent makeup dermopigmentation can be done in various areas on the face, namely the eyes, mouth, eyebrows, cheeks and nose.

Permanent eye makeup

Permanent eye makeup using dermopigmentation allows you to draw a very fine line for more density between the upper eyelashes, draw a line of eyeliner for a more pronounced sophisticated makeup, draw a line under the lower eyelashes or even create a powdered effect for eye shadow.

Permanent mouth makeup

Permanent mouth makeup using dermopigmentation makes it possible to benefit from a very natural effect with the degraded technique which consists of injecting darker pigments at the level of the contour of the lips. Then inject pigments which lighten gradually arriving towards the center of the lips. A second method aims to inject the same color of pigments over the entire mouth for a complete filling.

Permanent eyebrow makeup

Permanent eyebrow makeup using dermopigmentation makes it possible to restructure them according to the characteristics of your face and your look. The hair-to-hair technique makes it possible to densify the eyebrows by offering a very natural result. The Pixel technique defines the eyebrows by giving them a lightly made-up effect. Finally, it is possible to combine these two methods to obtain a powdery effect for more structure and density.

Permanent nose and cheek makeup

Permanent makeup to create freckles requires a precise technique to carefully define the amount and location of freckles on the face. The goal is to add a sunny and mischievous side to a face.

Would you like to know more about permanent makeup using dermopigmentation in the Malaga province?

Building on the reputation of its center in Erpent in Belgium, Dermopigmentation Center welcomes you to its institute in Marbella in Andalusia to perform a permanent makeup procedure. For any requests, please contact us by phone or through the contact form online.

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