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How do you camouflage a scar thanks to dermopigmentation ?

Surgery, an accident or even skin problems can leave marks. These sometimes attract attention and cause discomfort or even a complex. Dermopigmentation Center explains how the camouflage of scars by dermopigmentation, a method practiced in its centers in Marbella, Spain and Erpent, Belgium, offers a solution.

Scars and stretch marks correction with paramedical dermopigmentation

With micropigmentation, the scar or stretch mark is visibly reduced.Perhaps you have already considered hiding a scar with the help of a tattoo to eliminate this complex and make the prying eyes stop. However, there is a method with hyper-realistic and natural results, paramedical dermopigmentation, which makes it impossible to hide stretch marks or scars by repigmenting it.

The correction of scars and stretch marks by dermopigmentation effectively offers the possibility of no longer drawing attention to these skin marks by working on an optical illusion. This is created injecting pigments adapted to the shade of the skin and the expert skills of a dermopigmentist trained and experienced in the paramedical field.

Admittedly, the scar or stretch mark does not disappear, but it is visibly reduced and blends harmoniously with the rest of the skin.

How do you camouflage and repigment a scar ?

First of all, you should know that scar micropigmentation can only be performed on certain lesions on the dermis. This is why the practitioners must meticulously analyze to identify whether they can camouflage these stretch marks or scars, and how to proceed to do so.
Here are the different steps of a micropigmentation procedure for a scar or a stretch mark :

  • Analysis phase : When it is possible to do scar camouflage using permanent makeup or dermopigmentation the very first step is analytical. Indeed, practitioners begin by listening to your requests. Then, they precede to a precise study of the specificities of your scar to be masked, your complexion, your skin type, the contrast between the skin and the scar, the place of the body where this mark is located, etc. Analyzing all of these parameters allows them to determine the best protocol to follow to perfectly integrate the scar with the rest of the body.
  • Construction phase : Once the action plan has been defined, dermopigmentists proceed carefully and gradually at the scar level and its surroundings. The injecting pigments requires a precise color gradient to improve the aesthetic rendering of this cutaneous mark by subtly concealing it on the skin. From 2 to 3 sessions may be necessary to work in the rules of the art on this dermis lesion and must be spaced out over one month.

Would you like to know more about dermopigmentation as a solution to hide a scar in the Malaga province ?

The entire team at Dermopigmentation Center, located in Marbella, Spain and Erpent, Belgium, is at your service. We are attentive to your needs and make sure to find the most suitable solution for scar correction with the dermopigmentation method to meet them. Contact us by phone or via the online form.

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