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Scalp micropigmentation due to alopecia: a super-realistic method to regain self-confidence

Losing hair mass over the years is a normal process.  However, hair loss can be more significant in some people and cause deep discomfort.  With its scalp micropigmentation in Marbella in Spain and Erpent in Belgium, scalp micropigmentation institutes in Marbella in Spain and Erpent in Belgium, Dermopigmentation Center explains how this method can help regain self-confidence.

Confront hair loss with innovative optical illusions

Discover the scalp micropigmentation to regain self-confidence.Alopecia, baldness, hair loss in general affects everyone at different ages and stages of development.  Indeed, each individual gradually loses their hair mass because of their genetic heritage on a small or large scale.

Nevertheless, certain circumstances such as chemotherapy, surgery, pregnancy, a traumatized body or even a strong emotional shock are all factors that can cause significant irreversible hair loss.

The impact on the well-being and self-confidence of the person concerned is often strong and can weigh heavily on their morale.

To camouflage this alopecia and feel better about yourself, there are however solutions offering immediate results.  Among these, the scalp micropigmentation method makes it possible to achieve a shaved head effect or to offer more density through a perfectly orchestrated optical illusion.

Scalp micropigmentation, a method with super-realistic results

Operating a micropigmentation procedure for hair because of loss in density consists of injecting high quality bioabsorbable pigments to visually reconstitute hair in two ways:

At the end of these tricopigmentation procedures, the patients benefit from a super-realistic and natural result.  In addition, they have a renewed self-confidence, a strengthening of facial expressions and it even has a positive impact on their social contacts.

Note that these hair micropigmentation methods can be used combined with other treatments, including hair transplantation to intensify the results.

How do hair tricopigmentation techniques work?

Also known as micropigmentation, tricopigmentation due to alopecia occurs in several phases, namely:

  • Analysis: the starting point for any procedure is to establish its outline so that the result conforms to the patient’s expectations, but also to the shape and characteristics of their face and scalp. The specialist listens to the patients and uses their expertise to define the best approach
  • Construction: the pigment injection generally takes place in 1 to 3 sessions in a deliberately progressive approach
  • Touch-ups: The intensity of the pigments decreases over the years and a touch-up session is, therefore, possible to rework the pigmentation of the areas of the scalp concerned while reassessing the patients’ needs and desires.

Would you like to know more about hair micropigmentation methods in the Malaga province?

Benefiting from the reputation and expertise of its institute located in Erpent, Belgium, Dermopigmentation Center has also opened its doors in Marbella in the Andalusia region in Spain.  Our team performs permanent makeup procedures, paramedical skin pigmentation and hair micropigmentation. Contact us by phone or through our online form for further information.

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