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Reconstruct breast areolas by dermopigmentation to regain confidence

Breast cancer and breast reconstruction surgery are painful ordeals that leave their mark. Among these, the absence of breast areolas is a poignant reminder. The Dermopigmentation Center team explains how the breast areolas reconstruction by dermopigmentation practiced in Marbella in Spain and Erpent in Belgium can offer a boost in self-confidence and femininity.

Dermopigmentation to reconstruct a breast areola

Breast areola reconstruction helps to regain self-confidence and femininityBreast removal caused by cancer usually involves a second breast surgery to recreate a breast, which often goes hand in hand with this feeling of femininity. However, seeing those new breasts marked by scars and devoid of nipples does not always make it possible to turn the page on this chapter of life.

Reconstructing the areola and the nipple using the dermopigmentation method is a solution for a hyper-realistic aesthetic rendering.

How is nipple reconstruction performed ?

Paramedical dermopigmentation is a technique that consists of injecting bioresorbable pigments into the skin, so as to create an optical illusion with results that are both natural and very realistic. In the present case, it is a question of proceeding with the reconstruction of the nipple-areolar plaque to restore the appearance of the breast as close as possible to that of pre-cancer. It can be partial, complete, semi- or periareolar restoration.

Deliberately progressive, the dermopigmentation procedure to reconstruct a nipple generally takes place as follows :

  • Discussion around the areola and nipple reconstruction project : The very first step consists of an exchange allowing the practitioner to explain the modalities of dermopigmentation. This consultation also aims to carefully analyze the areola and the nipple that still exist, or of the preoperative images. This allows you to design a diagram including the shape, size and colors to use to recreate the areolas and nipples.
  • Dermopigmentation sessions to reconstruction the nipple : All procedures include a minimum of two sessions to be able to work gradually on this reconstruction. Indeed, after chemotherapy and surgery, the skin is weakened. Therefore, it is advisable to inject the pigments carefully, in moderate quantities during the first session and to finalize the reconstruction during a second session.

What kind of results can be expected from areola-nipple reconstruction by micropigmentation ?

Breast areola reconstruction using dermopigmentation requires experience and technique. Therefore, it is advisable to choose an experienced paramedical micropigmentation practitioner, who trains continuously employs innovative techniques and uses superior quality tools and pigments.

The procedure’s objective is to offer a hyper-realistic three-dimensional effect. A good practitioner uses their expert skills to inject pigments in several layers, with subtle color gradients, so as to reproduce the exact appearance of the areola and the nipple.

Do you have any questions about nipple reconstruction by dermopigmentation in the Malaga province ?

With the expertise of its institute located in Erpent, Belgium, Dermopigmentation Center also welcomes you to Marbella, in the Andalusia region of Spain. Our teams are at your disposal to provide you with information and perform paramedical dermopigmentation procedures for restorative purposes, including the reconstruction of the breast areolas. For any requests, contact us by phone or through the online form.

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