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What kind of result should you expect from hair micropigmentation due to hair loss?

Thanks to the ultra-precise and careful injection of pigments into the scalp, tricopigmentation makes it possible to camouflage hair loss or density.  Making the most of the expertise of its institute in Erpent in Belgium, Dermopigmentation Center in Marbella in Spain discusses scalp micropigmentation and the results that this method can offer to a person suffering from hair loss.

What does scalp micropigmentation consists of for alopecia or baldness?

How to choose your paramedical dermopigmentation practitioner

Hair loss can occur gradually, but also very suddenly, in both men and women.  Often, it causes a self-conscious and a loss of self-confidence with questions about possible solutions on how to overcome this.

Also known as hair tricopigmentation, hair micropigmentation is a method of injecting bioabsorbable pigments into the scalp to create an illusion of hair density or the presence of hair

This procedure allows you to immediately obtain super-realistic results and can complement other treatments such as hair transplantation.

Scalp tricopigmentation: a multi-step process

A hair micropigmentation project always goes through various phases:

  • Development of the project: The dermopigmentist listens to the patients’ needs and desires and does an in-depth analysis of their physical characteristics to be able to establish the ideal approach and the optimal course of action
  • Construction: Once the project has been defined and validated, one to three sessions are necessary to obtain the expected result. The injection of the pigments is voluntarily progressive, so that the patients can stop the procedure when they obtain satisfaction
  • Touch-ups: After about 2 years, the intensity of the pigments having faded, it is possible to touch-up and rework certain areas according to the evolution

Results offered by hair micropigmentation

Dermopigmentation Center advises you on choosing your paramedical dermopigmentation practitioner

The hair micropigmentation in women and men aims to reconstitute hair through an optical illusion. Professionally performed by expert hands, and with the greatest respect for health requirements, this procedure achieves several results:

In addition, this method can also camouflage scars present on the scalp.

Seeking the expertise of experienced specialists for a hair micropigmentation procedure due to baldness or alopecia allows you to benefit from an immediate visible change through a non-invasive, painless and non-binding procedure.  The key is a renewed confidence and self-esteem, and, therefore, a positive impact on the patients’ daily life who opted for this procedure.

Do you have any questions about hair micropigmentation practiced in Marbella, Spain? 

Dermopigmentation Center opens the doors of its center in Marbella, Andalusia to practice hair tricopigmentation. For any requests, contact us by phone or through the online form.

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