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Failed permanent makeup: what should you do?

Permanent makeup aims to beautify the eyes, mouth, or eyebrows. However, a failed procedure can negatively impact your self-confidence. Dermopigmentation Center discusses how to correct permanent makeup failures in its centers in Marbella, Spain and Erpent, Belgium.

Permanent makeup correction: scenarios

Dermopigmentation Center explains the solutions in case of failed permanent makeup.Permanent makeup on the lips, eyes or eyebrows is considered a failure in two major cases:

  • Pigment intensity: Pigments injected too deeply do not resorb and generally have a too high intensity. This procedure is similar to tattooing. However, permanent makeup must fade after 2 to 3 years to allow it to be reworked in perfect harmony with the evolution of the face and the client’s desires.
  • Permanent makeup form: It is possible that the form of the permanent makeup produced is not adapted to the morphology of the client’s face. Therefore, it does not offer the desired aesthetic result.

How to make up for a failed permanent makeup procedure?

Whatever the case, the practitioner must first meticulously analyze to determine whether they can correct the previous dermopigmentation performed by a previous operator.

In majority of the cases, however, the only solution to correct a failed permanent makeup is to remove the pigments using a laser. This is because the area must be stripped of all pigment to perform another procedure. On average, it takes 2 to 4 laser sessions and wait 8 weeks before considering a new dermopigmentation procedure. However, this must be assessed by a case-by-case basis since the amount of pigment to be removed requires a gradual approach.

Obviously, good practitioners always take care to identify a personalized action plan as a solution to your failed permanent makeup; from the removal of pigments to the construction of a new dermopigmentation procedure adapted to your morphology.

Choosing the right permanent makeup practitioner in dermopigmentation

Whatever the area of application for your permanent makeup, for the eyebrows, eyes, lips, or even the cheeks and the nose, it is essential to carefully choose a dermopigmentation practitioner.

To maximize your chances of benefiting from a successful permanent makeup procedure, consider checking the following points:

  • Training: A good practitioner must have undergone training and continue to train continuously to be in tune with new methods and techniques in dermopigmentation.
  • Experience: Prefer a center with a lot of experience in doing permanent makeup procedures with a “before/after” overview of the various services provided.
  • Method: Check whether the practitioner uses state-of-the-art equipment and superior quality pigments, respects current hygiene standards and uses a wide range of techniques.
  • Advice: Finally, rely on an operator who takes the time to listen to your requests and analyze your face and who clearly has the notions if visagism is required to perform permanent makeup procedures.

Wondering how to correct your permanent makeup in the province of Malaga?

Ask Dermopigmentation Center experts, present in the centers located in Erpent, in the Namur province in Belgium and Marbella, in the Andalusian region in Spain. For any request, contact us by phone or through the online form.

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