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What would you like to know about permanent eye makeup ?

From the simplicity of a line at the edge of the eyelashes to the sophistication of an eyeliner or powder, permanent eye makeup can enhance your look but also correct any complexes. With permanent eye makeup dermopigmentation centers in Marbella, Spain and Erpent, Belgium, Dermopigmentation Center unveils everything you need to know about these aesthetic methods.

Permanent makeup: from eyeliner on the edge of the eyelashes to powdered eyelids

With permanent makeup, you can correct a complex or enhance your look.Each look is one of a kind, and unique to each person. However, it is possible that eyes that are too close together, too far apart, small, large, or drooping negatively impact your self-confidence.

Sometimes, a simple permanent makeup procedure can take advantage of an optical illusion, thanks to the injection of bioabsorbable pigments, to better proportion your look. It is indeed possible to play on the shadows as well as on the length and thickness of a line or liner through the following methods :

  • Between eyelashes : This technique offers more density to the eyes, thanks to drawing a fine line between the eyelashes ;
  • Liner : Permanent eyeliner makeup is a method that consists of drawing a sophisticated line to offer a refined makeup effect and a stronger, more intense look ;
  • Powder : For permanent eye makeup with a lifting effect, it is possible to inject pigments to create a set of shadows on the eyelids ;
  • Lower liner : In permanent eye makeup methods, there is also an eyeliner on the lower lashes to accentuate the look.

Whatever the area of application, the objective of permanent makeup procedures is not to make it visible, but to subtly highlight the area worked with a hyper-realistic and natural result.

How does permanent eye makeup work ?

First of all, you should know that permanent eye makeup is safe, but needs to be done by a trained and experienced dermopigmentation practitioner. The latter must indeed be able to carefully analyze the morphology of your face and the specificities of your eyes to offer you the method capable of satisfying your expectations or overcoming a complex.

Any procedure for creating a set of shadows or drawing a permanent eyeliner takes place in several phases based on a progressive approach :

  • Discovery and construction of the project : The first step consists in you explaining your desires and expectations to the dermopigmentist. They can then observe and analyze your face, so as to advise you on the effect and the color able to both satisfy your request and to fully adapt to your look.
  • Dermopigmentation itself : Once the method has been defined and the screening done, there are generally two permanent makeup sessions for your eyes. During the first, the pigments are injected lightly to give you four weeks to get used to the shape and color.

Note that a permanent eye makeup procedure does not usually cause pain or reaction. However, it is important to follow some care tips to maximize the results of the procedure. Permanent makeup such as eyeliner or powder heals in about a month, after which you can observe the final result.

How long does permanent eye makeup lasts ?

Permanent eye makeup lasts approximately 2-3 years. Then the pigments begin to slightly fade. It is the perfect time to do some touch-ups, which can adapt perfectly to the evolution observed on your face.

Want to know more about the permanent eye makeup procedures performed in the province of Malaga ?

Making the most of the expertise and reputation of its center located in Erpent, Belgium, Dermopigmentation Center also welcomes you to Marbella, in the Andalusia region in Spain. For any questions about the terms and prices of permanent eye makeup, we invite you to contact us by phone or through our online form.

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